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Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter - Filtaworx®

self cleaning filter
Filtaworx is the latest addition to the line-up of automatic self-cleaning screen filters. Available in a wide range of configurations, these filters provide excellent protection for industrial and commercial applications. Filtaworx screen filters are one of the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available combining proven high performance, reliability and economy in a compact robust design.


  • Cooling towers, industrial process water, incoming plant water, waste water clean-up, industrial water for plant reuse
  • Removal of algae, slime or other organic contaminant as well as sand, grit and other inorganic contaminants with fine mesh filtration down to 250 mesh or 50 microns
  • 150 psi standard operating pressure (high pressure systems available)
  • Flow ranges from 110 gpm


  • Heavy duty stainless steel filter body provides corrosion resistance in most environments
  • Durable low maintenance automatic self-cleaning mechanism
  • Wide range of fine screen sizes from 50–800 microns (250–20 mesh)
  • Hydraulically or electrically driven internal cleaning mechanism
  • Automatic operation of the self-cleaning backflush cycle is achieved when a pre-set pressure drop (5–7 psi) across the filter is reached
  • Sectional screens allow easy replacement of a section of screen versus entire cartridge if damage occurs to the screen
  • Minimal moving parts, simple design and robust construction
  • Compact and simple installation can be mounted in any position or orientation, with minimal space requirements
  • Sacrificial anode (most models)

Standard assembly includes:

  • 304 stainless steel body with flanged inlet and outlet
  • 316 stainless steel mesh fine screens
  • Brass, glass reinforced nylon, NBR and EPDM seals
  • Hydraulic controller
  • Sacrificial anode (most models)

Available Options:

  • 316 stainless steel housing available on request
  • High pressure
  • Electric controller
  • Sustaining valve (highly recommended)

Specifications (Horizontal):

ModelNominal Flow Rate GPMFiltration Surface Area inMaximum PressureInlet / OutletFush Port
FW04EX440870150 psi4"2"
FW06790870150 psi6"2"
FW06EX7901258150 psi6"2"
FW0814001258150 psi8"2"
FW1017601258150 psi10"2"
FW10EX*17601614150 psi10"2"
FW12*26401614150 psi12"2"
FW1439601886150 psi14"2"

Specifications (Vertical):

ModelNominal Flow Rate GPMFiltration Surface Area inMaximum PressureInlet / OutletFush Port
FW02110189150 psi2"2"
FW02-F110189150 psi2" Flg2"
FW03220189150 psi3"2"
FW03-F220189150 psi3" Flg2"
FW03EX220307150 psi3"2"
FW04*350307150 psi4"2"

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