automatic self-cleaning strainers

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Why spend hundreds of dollars month after month on maintenance for your industrial water application when Automatic Self Cleaning Filters can eliminate the manual effort in your process?

Our Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters save costs on maintenance and labor costs. They are designed to meet pressure, gallons per minute and the temperature requirements for a wide variety of water sources.

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  • Cooling Towers: Can be integrated at any point within a process cooling system.
  • Petrochemical: Self-cleaning water filters ensure that continuous water flow.
  • Seawater: Industrial water filters provide a vital tool for solid removal from seawater.
  • Food Processing: Regulate water quality to ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene.
  • Water Processing: These filters provide reliable and efficient particle removal.
  • Irrigation: Eliminate debris from clogging lines, while improving overall water quality.

How does the self cleaning process work?

A self cleaning filter is a type of water filter which utilizes system pressure to clean itself. A rigid cylinder screen strains particles from the water source, trapping debris on the inside. This layer of buildup causes differential pressure across the inlet and outlet. A controller monitors the filter and opens a flush valve when it senses adequate differential pressure. This creates rapid flow through the internal cleaning apparatus, which vacuums buildup from the screen and expels it.


Expert design allows our filters to comply with the rigid standards of the industrial sector. While at the same time saving time and money from maintenance costs, and process down time. Self-cleaning filters are offered in a wide range of sizes, orientations, and to varying degrees of filtration in order to answer any demand.

  • Available in a wide variety of housing materials for even the most corrosive liquids.
  • Eliminates the need for routine maintenance by automating the cleaning cycle.
  • Fully customizable control system designed to be reliable, and easy to operate.
  • Mobile Skid Mounted units are available as a complete turnkey solution.
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