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Sand Media Filters Yardney

Sand Media Filter Yardney
Yardney Industrial Sand Media Filters are designed for the most challenging dirty water conditions with a high-performance solution for water filtration down to 20 microns. These durable carbon steel filters utilize a 24" sand media bed for the removal of organic and inorganic suspended solids, filtering large volumes of water with very little pressure drop and have long equipment life.

All Yardney industrial media filters utilize a simple backwash system for ease of operation and consistent water quality. The Yardney automatically controlled filter systems can operate for extended periods of time before requiring a short backwash cycle.

Yardney industrial filtration systems are shipped as a completely assembled, packaged unit. Each system is skid mounted with tanks, valves, manifolds, a controller, tubing, electrical solenoids and removable underdrain assembled and ready for water source and power hookup.

Performance levels can be modified to remove suspended solids of a given size range consistent with desired application objectives.


  • Removal of organic and/or inorganic suspended solids down to 20 microns
  • Stormwater runoff, industrial process water, incoming plant water, wastewater clean-up, industrial water for plant reuse
  • Pre-filtration in applications such as granular activated carbon, reverse osmosis, cartridge or bag filtration and deionized water
  • 80 psi standard operating pressure (high-pressure systems available)
  • Flow ranges from 10 gpm and up


  • State of the art fabrication provides added strength under pressure and long system life
  • ASME code shaped head construction for durability and safety
  • Stainless steel wedgewire underdrain
    • Ensures structural integrity in the harshest conditions
    • Hydraulically balanced to increase the effectiveness of backwash while reducing the flush frequency and waste of water
    • High strength stainless steel wedgewire will withstand a collapse pressure in excess of 600 psi
  • Standard carbon steel products use 3/16" thick material
  • Backwash automatically initiated by elapsed time or pressure differential
  • Yardney easy-entry lid closure with weld tabs for operator safety
  • Available in welded carbon steel
  • 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy coating on interior surfaces
  • Made in the USA

Standard product Includes:

  • Completely assembled for easy installation
  • Skid mounted tanks
  • Yardney easy-entry lid closure with side manway
  • Valves
  • Inlet, outlet and backwash manifolds
  • Controller, solenoids, electrical wire, tubing
  • Removable underdrain
  • 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy coating on interior surfaces

Available Options:

  • ASME code
  • High pressure
  • Solar package
  • PLC controller
  • Custom filter station layout piping
  • Air scour


ModelNumber of TanksMinimum GPMMaximum GPMFiltration Surface (sqft)Backwash GPMMedia Requirements (ft3)Maximum PressureInlet / OutletBackwash Line Pipe Size
IL-1824-1A118261.75263100 psi2"2"
IL-2424-1A132473.15475100 psi2"2"
IL-1824-2A235533.50265100 psi3"2"
IL-3024-1A149744.91747100 psi3"3"
IL-1824-3A353795.25268100 psi3"2"
IL-2424-2A263956.30479100 psi3"2"
IL-3624-1A1711077.1010710100 psi3"3"
IL-2424-3A3951429.454714100 psi3"2"
IL-3024-2A2981479.827414100 psi4"2"
IL-4824-1A112618912.601892180 psi4"4"
IL-3624-2A214221314.2010720100 psi4"4"
IL-3024-3A314722114.737421100 psi4"2"
IL-5424-1A115923815.902392380 psi4"4"
IL-3624-3A321332021.3010730100 psi4"4"
IL-4824-2A225237825.201894280 psi6"4"
IL-5424-2A231847631.802394680 psi6"4"
IL-4824-3A337856737.801896380 psi6"4"
IL-5424-3A347771447.702396980 psi6"4"
IL-4824-4A450475650.401898480 psi8"4"
IL-4824-5A563094563.0018910580 psi10"4"
IL-4824-6A6756113475.6018912680 psi10"4"
IL-5424-4A463695263.602399280 psi8"4"
IL-5424-5A5795119079.5023911580 psi10"4"
IL-5424-6A6954142895.4023913880 psi10"4"

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