Fil-Trek Coalescer Gas Cartridge Filters

Fil-Trek Coalescer Gas Cartridge Filters RSC Series

Fil-Trek Coalescer Gas Filter RSC Series

Separator Cartridges are typically used in conjunction with the RCC Coalescer Cartridges. The RSC Separator Cartridges primary function is to repel coalesced water drops left behind by the RCC Coalescer Cartridges.

Pleated Paper Media Separator Cartridges
The pleated paper cartridges are unable to be reused and are to be replaced at every coalescer change out. The most common applications that pleated paper is used for are diesel and other fuels that contain that affix to the Teflon Coated Screen Separators and cannot be cleaned off which minimize the life of the reusable separators.

Synthetic Media Separator Cartridges
The synthetic media filters can be cleaned a maximum of two times. They are best suited for users who do not have the time to clean the separators. The Synthetic Media cartridges provide a 5 micron filtration efficiency.

Teflon Coated Screen Separator Cartridges
The Teflon Coated Screen cartridge can be reused over many coalescer change out cycles and is more popular for due to the benefit of reducing costs. The Teflon screen provides a 200 mesh efficiency and is a preferred choice for aircraft fueling applications due to less static charge than the synthetic media.


  • Ideal second stage water removal.
  • RSC Separator Cartridges are designed for high flow rates and low pressure drops.
  • Pleated media is treated with a silicone resin, designed to repel small coalesced water drops.
  • Teflon coated screen in 200 mesh repels water and is able to be washed and reused, minimizing waste and replacement costs.
  • Elements fit most industry standard housings.
  • Flow direction designed for outside to inside.

Compatible Housings - Gas/Oil Filter Cartridge Housings

Fil-Trek Coalescer Gas Filters RCC Series

Fil-Trek Coalescer Gas Filters RCC SeriesThe RCC Coalescer Cartridges are primarily used to coalesce water and remove particulate from hydrocarbon fluids. Other applications that benefit from using these cartridges would be:

  • Various fuels
  • Process streams in refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Condensate streams where natural gas can be found

Other liquids may benefit from a coalescer cartridge if they are immiscible. To determine whether a coalescer is appropriate for your application, take a sample of the mixture. If it separates within an hour or two, a coalescer will likely work. However if the mixture hasn’t separated and 24 or more hours have passed, coalescing will not work.


  • Multilayer fibreglass media ideal for removing particle and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Effective waste removal from 0.5 to 25.
  • Available in all fibreglass media or combination fibreglass and pleated media with flat gasket, o-ring seals and thread base end options.
  • Elements fit most industry standard housings.
  • Cost effective particle removal from hydrocarbon fluids and easy installation with a one-piece design.

Compatible Housings - Gas/Oil Filter Cartridge Housings


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