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Industrial Portable Liquid Filtration Cart

Rejuvenate your machine coolants and hydraulic oils anywhere in the shop with a mobile filtration unit, at up to 45 gpm. The FloWash Industrial Filter Cart helps extend fluid service life and reduces the procurement & disposal costs. Our Industrial Filter Cart models clean and revitalize industrial fluids helping users maintain fluid cleanliness through a single bag filter housing.

Stop paying outside contracts with filter carts to clean your machinery when you could be saving money by owning your own filter cart. These high-performance fabricated filter vessel feature a unique one-piece body design rated to 125 psi and 150 °F with safe and reliable “no tools required” access for bag replacement. Click on the Get a Quote button or give us a call today to speak with one of our specialists for help with your application.

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Vessel Features:

  • System Handles up to 45 GPM.
  • Model 30R Strainer with a 1/8″ perforated basket pre-filters incoming contaminated fluids on the carbon steel model, and the Model 72 Strainer pre-filters fluids on the stainless steel version.
  • Filter vessel is available in carbon or stainless steel with elastomer seal options of Buna-N, EPDM, or Viton.
  • Unique internal body to basket seal to prevent bypass.
  • Displacement style cover prevents spills when opening the cover.
  • Double diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air. No electric power needed.
  • Includes 1-1/2″ inlet and outlet hoses, extension wands, and pressure gauge.
  • Uses standard Type 2 bags.

Motor Features

Filtration has never been easier, or more reliable then with an air powered diaphragm pump. Simply turn on the air supply (30 psi) and filter the contaminated fluids. These rugged pneumatic diaphragm pumps ensure a longer life span than contemporary electric pumps, while reducing maintenance needs.

  • Hermetically sealed compression chamber prevents losses of the gases or liquids
  • Higher Flow Rate
  • Handles liquids with high, medium or low viscosity


DimensionsApproximately 25”W x 31”D x 49”H
WeightApproximately 220 lbs empty, 278 lbs full (water)
Power30 psi shop air (20 to 125 psi operating range)

Available Models

F3F000002-BIndustrial Filter Cart, CST with Buna-N Elastomers
F3F000002-EIndustrial Filter Cart, CST with EPDM Elastomers
F3F000002-VIndustrial Filter Cart, Cst with Viton Elastomers
F3F000003-BIndustrial Filter Cart, 316 Ss with Buna-N Elastomers
F3F000003-EIndustrial Filter Cart, 316 Ss with EPDM Elastomers
F3F000003-VIndustrial Filter Cart, 316 Ss with Viton Elastomers

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