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Stainless Steel Water / Liquids Storage Tanks

These tanks are the ultimate storage silos that take versatility and multi-purpose use to the extreme. Our smooth wall bins are designed to store a whole range of liquid products and are manufactured in either heavy gauge steel or stainless steel. They are welded inside and out to prevent rust, corrosion and leaks, and are fully customizable.

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  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Oils
  • Fracing

Tank Material

Liquid bins are pressure tested, back welded – inside and outside. We can customize our tanks to meet your needs for whatever you may put inside our smooth-walled containers.

Some of our metallic tank materials are:

  • Minimum 12-Gauge Steel
  • 304L Stainless Steel
  • Epoxy Coating Environmental Paint Packages


Each metal or stainless steel tank from ISC can be custom built to meet your needs. We can make the perfect tank to meet the specifications for almost any fluid, size and location.

  • Chemical Resistance– Metal tanks can storage harsh chemicals that non-metallic tanks cannot withstand.
  • Customization– With different jobs requiring different sizes and shapes, doesn’t it make sense to build a tank to your specific requirements?
  • Longevity– Our metallic tanks are highly resistant to the effects of corrosion and other natural elements.
  • Durability– By double welding our tanks we guarantee a long-lasting, leak-free safe environment.
  • Cost– Because our tanks last longer than others the total cost of ownership is much lower over time.

Standard Features:

  • Made from 304L stainless steel to handle the safe storage of highly corrosive fertilizers
  • 24” manway for easy access to interior of tank
  • 4” vented dome cap
  • 10 degree slope on dome
  • Two 4” FPT discharge and recirculating ports
  • Volume labeled sight gauge
  • ¾” sight gauge tube with stainless auto shutoff valve
  • Lifting Lugs
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
ModelLitresMTUS GallonTonDiameterHeight

Standard Features:

  • 2” Elbow Discharge
  • (2) 2” couplers on each side
  • (2) 2” couplers in roof
  • 16” manhole
  • All 304 SS material
Item #ModelUS GallonDiameterHeight
170412BFRI 412 304 2BSS1,1394’13’6”
170608BFRI 608 304 2BSS1,7296’9’10”
170610BFRI 610 304 2BSS2,1526’11’10”
170612BFRI 612 304 2BSS2,5756’13’10”
170614BFRI 614 304 2BSS2,9986’15’10”
170616BFRI 616 304 2BSS3,4216’20’6”
170804BFRI 804 304 2BSS1,5928’6’1”
170808BFRI 808 304 2BSS3,0968’10’1”
170810BFRI 810 304 2BSS3,8488’12’1”
170812BFRI 812 304 2BSS4,6008’14’1”
170814BFRI 814 304 2BSS5,3528’16’1”
170816BFRI 816 304 2BSS6,1048’18’1”
171010BFRI 1010 304 2BSS6,04710’13’3”
171012BFRI 1012 304 2BSS7,22210’15’3”
171014BFRI 1014 304 2BSS8,39710’17’3”
171210BFRI 1210 304 2BSS9,07612’14’2”
171212BFRI 1212 304 2BSS10,76812’16’2”
171214BFRI 1214 304 2BSS12,46012’18’2”
171216BFRI 1216 304 2BSS14,28812’20’2”
171220BFRI 1220 304 2BSS17,67212’24’2”
171224BFRI 1224 304 2BSS20,92012’28’2”

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