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206-S206-PT or PTC Reduced Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve

Reduced Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve 206-S206-PT or PTC Singer
The 206-S206-PT or PTC Reduced Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve introduces or releases water from the control chambers. PT and PTC valves have two operating chambers which are divided from each other by the diaphragm, and are separated from the flowing media by an adaptor plate.

206-PTC is an enhancement of the 206-PT and includes an internal drop check feature. This mechanical check provides non-slam closure on reverse flow, independently of the stem position or the pilot operation.

PT and PTC valves are usually combined with Singer Valve specific purpose pilots and accessories to provide control for a wide range of functions: typically pump control and solenoid control applications.

  • Positive control, even with low operating pressure
  • Precise positioning
  • Internal drop check included on the PTC model
  • Available in globe and angle style


  • Position Indicators
  • Oxy-Nitride Stem
  • Internal Drop Check
  • External Spring Lift
  • Grooved Ends
  • Reclaimed Water

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Operation Guide

Size and Pressure:

  • Size: Flat Diaphragm System 3" to 10". Rolling Diaphragm System 12" to 36".
  • Pressure Rating: 250 to 400 PSI at 180º

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