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206-PGM and S206-PGM Reduced Port, Integral Back-Up, Dual Diaphragm, Automatic Control Valve

Reduced Port, Integral Back-Up, Dual Diaphragm, Automatic Control Valve 206-PGM and S206-PGM Singer
The 206-PGM and S206-PGM control valves are designed for particularly sensitive applications or situations where valves are difficult to access and maintain.

The PGM series control valves provide integral back-up control and the ability to signal should the desired function move off limits. It can also provide an independent and very positive override.

It is a variation of the standard single chamber 106-PG valve with modifications that add the following features:

  • Back-up diaphragm
  • Completely self-contained
  • Modulating or emergency close back-up
  • Back-up components kept out of the main stream until required
  • Extremely positive shut-off
  • Emergency close for security breach or earthquake

The PGM series control valves may be combined with additional Singer Valve specific accessories to add further customization such as:

  • Back-up pilot system
  • Annunciation with a Single Pole Double Throw Limit Switch


  • Ideal for applications requiring redundant and back-up security
  • Virtually uninterrupted control under a variety of system failures
  • Remote annunciation option available
  • Available in globe and angle style


  • Position Indicators
  • Oxy-Nitride Stem
  • Internal Drop Check
  • Grooved Ends
  • Reclaimed Water

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Operations Guide

Size and Pressure:

  • Size: Flat Diaphragm System 4" to 10". Rolling Diaphragm System 12" to 36".
  • Pressure Rating: 250 to 400 PSI at 180ºF

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