Clean Tower Separator

Clean Tower Separator Systems

By increasing the effectiveness of various fluids, it will not be long before you begin to see a return on investment for such a versatile filtration solution.

Engineered for Performance – Grit, scale and troublesome solids are no longer a problem with the Wingert Clean Tower Separator System.

Whether the application requires the removal of solids from a cooling tower basin or a recirculating loop, the Wingert Clean Tower Separator System is ready to go to work on even the toughest of applications.

With ten standard models to choose from and flow rates from 38-1200 GPM, these compact filtration systems come fully assembled, factory tested and ready for installation.

All systems are designed with a 90 TDH pump, pre-strainer, separator, recovery tank and a NEMA 4 control panel.

Product Specifications: Wingert-CleanTower-Separator Systems


  • Carbon steel separator has no moving parts or internal slots to clog
  • End suction pump designed with 90 TDH, TEFC motor and cast iron housing
  • Carbon steel pre-strainer with internal 1/8″ perforated stainless steel basket
  • Carbon steel liquid recovery tank (internally epoxy coated) with stainless steel basket and 25 micron PE filter bag
  • Service indicator package that detects loss of flow on the clean side of the recovery tank (no parts exposed to solids)
  • NEMA 4 control panel with IEC starter and overload, main power switch, pump H-O-A selector switch, 120 volt control power, ready-to-use external auto and service hook-ups, CSA approved
  • Coated with water based enamel paint
  • All carbon steel and brass piping
  • Brass/bronze isolation valves (2″ and below are ball type / 3″ and up are butterfly type)
  • Carbon steel skid, 1/4″ thick deck plate, 4″ channel side rails, lifting lugs and forklift slots
  • 150 PSI maximum working pressure
  • 150° F maximum working temperature

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