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Centrifugal Sand Separator Yardney

centrifugal separators yardney
Yardney Centrifugal Sand Separators are ideal for removal of suspended solids and inorganic materials with a specific gravity of 2 or greater.

This highly effective system will provide consistent, simple removal of inorganic material down to 75 microns. Easily installed, these carbon steel units are rated to 150 psi with threaded or flanged inlet and outlet connections.

Smaller models are designed for vertical installation while larger models are angled and floor or ground mounted.

Sizing must be within the specified flow range for proper centrifugal action. Larger flow separators and custom designed systems are available.


  • Removal of sand, rock, grit and other inorganic contaminants with fine mesh filtration down to 200 mesh or 75 microns in size and larger
  • Storm water runoff, industrial process water, incoming plant water, waste water clean-up, industrial water for plant reuse
  • 150 psi standard operating pressure (high pressure systems available)
  • Flow ranges from 4 gpm
  • Removal of solids with a specific gravity of 2 or greater
  • Serves as an excellent pre-filter to allow for improved sand media or screen filter performance by removing the gross solids out of the water source


  • Sand removal efficiency of 98% of solids down to 200 mesh or 75 microns
  • Multiple units in series provide higher efficiencies of filtration
  • Units are available in ASME code or non-code construction
  • Available with a manual or automatic solids purge valve system
  • Special alloys and coatings are available for prolonged life in required applications
  • Made in USA

Available options:

  • ASME code
  • High pressure
  • Special metal alloys and coatings for extended product life
  • Ability to disassemble unit for inspection through flanged manways
  • Automatic purge valve for flushing
  • Wall mount kit on smaller units

Specifications - Vertical Models:

ModelMinimum Flow GPMMaximum Flow GPMInlet / OutletPurge PortParticle Size
PCS-12V26521 1/4"1"1/2"
PCS-15V38791 1/2"1"1/2"
PCS-25V1001802 1/2"2"1/2"

Specifications - Angled Models:

ModelMinimum Flow GPMMaximum Flow GPMInlet / Outlet ANSIPurge PortParticle Size
PCS-40LA2004004"2"1 1/2"
PCS-60LA3659606"2"1 1/2"
PCS-80LA80016008"2"1 1/2"
PCS-100LA1300230010"2"1 1/2"
PCS-120LA2025340012"2"1 1/2"

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