Fil-Trek Lined and Coated Cartridge Housing - L SeriesLined and Coated Cartridge Housing

The L series features lined, vertical cartridge filter housings, which are extremely well suited for sea water (desalination) or other corrosive applications, plus offers a much more cost effective solution compared to other duplex steels.

The L Series is able to accept multiple 30", 40" or 50" cartridges (2 1/2 " diameter), and upon request, also be designed to accept single open end cartridges as well. As with Fil-Trek's other cartridge housings, the L Series comes with a swing bold closure, allowing for a faster element change out.

Custom designs are also available depending on requirements, such as high pressure, duplexing, etc.

Product Download - L Series Datasheet 

                                                Compatible Filters

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Specifications & Operating Parameters

Maximum Operating Pressure150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 250°F.
Available Sizes/Length30", 40", 50"
Available Linings/LengthRubber, Kynar, Teflon, Neoprene, PVC, Baked Phenolic, Epoxy, Halar
Max Flow RateUp To 8000 GPM
Materials of ConstructionCarbon and Stainless Steel, 304, 316
ASME CodeYes
Duplexing AvailableYes

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