Fil-Trek Liquid Gas Cartridge Housing - VC SeriesFil-Trek Liquid Gas VC Series

With the VC  Series, you get a vertical oil filter, industrial and ASME “U”/“UM” design, as well as being designed to ASME Section VIII Division 1.

This series accepts multiple CC series oil filters, using the industry standard pleated or depth type cartridges, with multiple stacks available.

It also comes standard in a carbon or stainless steel (304, 316) housing with external paint, along with the swing bolt closure for quicker element change outs.

Used primarily for amines, glycol, lube oil and waste water purification, upon request it can be designed for pressures up to 1440psig and temperatures up to 300°F.

Product Download - VC Series Datasheet 

Compatible Filters - Oil/Gas Cartridge Filters

Specifications & Operating Parameters

Maximum Operating PressureStandard 150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 250°F.
Available Sizes/Length22", 44"
Max Flow RateStandard 138 GPM
Materials of ConstructionCarbon and Stainless Steel, 304, 316.
ASME CodeYes
Duplexing AvailableYes

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