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Hayward Simplex Filter Bag Housing - FLT Series

Hayward's filter bag housings are designed to protect components from debris and dirt while allowing processed liquid to flow with ease. The FLT series bag housings are offered in PVC and CPVC with FPM or EPDM seals. End connections are 2 in. true union socket, threaded or flanged.


  • Single and double length
  • Hand removable cover
  • In-line or loop flow
  • Integral mounting base
  • Vent valve on cover


  • Vent gauge with gauge guard
  • Pressure differential guage and switch
  • Flanged connections

 Specifications & Operating Parameters

SizeSingle length 7" x 16"Double length 7" x 32"
Material PVC or CPVC PVC or CPVC
End Connections Socket, Threaded or Flanged Socket, Threaded or Flanged
Piping Sizes 2" 2"
Flow Rate 50 GMP 100 GMP
Pressure Rating 150 PSI @ 70°/ 10 Bar @ 21°C/ Non-Shock 150 PSI @ 70°/ 10 Bar @ 21°C/ Non-Shock

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