Keep Your Workers Cool with Personal Air Conditioners

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Personal Air Conditioners maximize productivity, improves worker safety, and eliminates the need for frequent, non-productive breaks. By delivering air at up to +/- 45-60°F, personal air conditioners keep your employees safe and comfortable in times of intense heat or cold stress.

ISC offers two types of personal air conditioning (PAC) vests: the Dual Action PAC, and the Cooling Only PAC.

The Dual Action PAC has the benefit of flexibility, in that it is able to provide both cold or warm air in any environment. A quick flip of the switch on the unique belt bracket allows the wearer to switch from cooling to heating easily, providing year-round protection.

The Cooling Only PAC utilizes vortex tube technology to cool off and protect workers in hot environments. These coolers are a highly effective solution for cooling works in Steel Mills, Boiler Rooms, Foundries & many other applications.  Personal Air Conditioners are available in three different cooling capacities, ranging from 900-2500 BTU/hour.  Specialized cooling vest are also available to direct the air flow produced by a PAC for maximum cooling efficiency.

One Corporate Safety Manager at a aluminum billet manufacturer said “the Vortec products did everything they claimed to in their literature. Our  workers are more comfortable and happy and we are pleased to have improved conditions for them. And productivity has improved too.”  You can read more about this case study on our website.

Whatever your needs, ISC can help your employees maintain a more comfortable and productive body temperature with our Personal Air Conditioners!