Winco NFPA110 – 352030-1

Item # 352030-1 AKA # NFPA110 Brand: Winco



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Only compatible for standby or prime power generators

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NFPA110 may be necessary if the generator is to be installed in a building where the loss of electrical power could result in loss of life or personal injury.

Battery Chargers
For generators 250kW and higher, 10 Amp 24V. The charger takes temperature into account and has the necessary alerts for NFPA compliance.
Low Coolant Sensor
The radiator now has a button to keep track of the coolant level and sound an alarm if it drops too low.
Remote Annunciator
Annunciator panel with 16 lights. Up to five of these modules can be linked to the host controller and operate up to 0.6 miles away.

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