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Vortec Lightweight Air Pistol

Vortec Lightweight Air Pistol

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The Vortec Cold Air Pistol is an ergonomic, easy to use tool for intermittent spot cooling.

The lightweight pistol features an integral trigger mechanism for an on/off squeeze action that can be aimed at the target site; and provides cool air as low as 0 deg F at a flow rate of 9 cfm.


  • Full range of designs, sizes and force/thrust levels
  • Flexible nozzles allow better positioning
  • Adjustable nozzles enable varying power/thrust levels for each blow off job
  • Power/thrust levels ranging from 3 to 72 oz-force
  • Air stream sizes at nozzle ranging from 3/16″ to 1″
  • Meet OSHA noise guidelines; reduces noise compared to open copper tubes and drilled pipe
  • Meet OSHA 1910.242(b) dead-end pressure guidelines


  • Save time with better blow off capability
  • Up to 25 times blow off power
  • Reduce operating costs due to compressed air usage by up to 80%
  • Reduce noise levels by as much as 60% compared to non-amplifying nozzles
  • Reach tight spaces with effective blow off
  • Better positioning to target with flexible nozzles
  • Blow off multiple or changing locations with flexible nozzles

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  • Inlet Connection: 1/4″ NPT (female)
  • Air Consumption: 15 SCFM
  • Made in the USA


  • Blow off cleaning
  • Cooling Parts drying
  • Air-assist in moving or orienting position of parts or product
  • Replacing open copper tubes and pipes for blow-off
  • Energy conservation programs
  • OSHA compliance programs
  • Ejection of parts or cut-outs

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