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Vortec 208-15-H Compressed Air Spot-Cooling Vortex Tube (900 BTU)

Vortec 208-15-H Compressed Air Spot-Cooling Vortex Tube (900 BTU)

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Item # 208-15-H Brand: Vortec

$261.00 $253.20

Vortex Tube for spot-cooling (900 BTU, 15 SCFM).
1/4″ NPT (F) inlet × 1/4″ NPT (M) outlet

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This innovative Vortex Tube provides 900 BTU of instant spot-cooling by splitting incoming compressed air into two streams (hot and cold). Hot air exits through a needle exhaust valve while cold air is super-cooled and directed through the cold air port.

Vortex Tube spot-cooling is the most efficient and lowest-maintenance refrigeration/cooling technique.


  • Instant Cooling
  • High-efficiency, low-cost cooling
  • Fully adjustable
  • Small form-factor allows for cooling in tight spaces
  • Eco-friendly (no refrigerants, no chemicals)
  • Easy installation, no moving parts, no electricity needed

Specs / Features

  • Cools air temperature by up to 100℉
  • Cycle repeatability within /- 1 deg
  • Heat exhaust can be used as up to 200℉ heating capacity
  • Recommend 100 PSIG and incoming air temperature of 70℉

Resources & Spec Sheets

Vortex Tubes Operation & Safety Instructions

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Inlet Size

1/4" NPT (F)

Outlet Size

1/4" NPT (M)

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