Ultratech 5257 Archaea Remediation Sugar – 25 lb Bag, High Concentration

Item # 5257 Brand: UltraTech


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Ultra-Archaea is a 100% natural, hardy and fast-acting microbes, that breaks down oil and other hydrocarbons, into harmless byproducts. These microbes can digest and remediate soil and water, as well as grease traps, septic tanks, storm drains and almost any other area where contaminants are present as organic waste.

These naturally occurring microbes have been on the EPA National Contingency List since their inception.

The Ultra-Archaea 25 lb bulk bags are ideally suited to large spills, open waters, or frequent uses. They can be kept on hand for refilling Shakers or other smaller containers, or for large, unexpected spills.

These bags contain Ultra-Archaea sugar with 90 billion / gram concentration.


  • Completely natural, “green” bioremediation solution.
  • Can eliminate the need for absorbent products & their disposal problems/costs.
  • Can be used to clean up oil spills on water, in soil, or on hard surfaces and can even be used to remove old stains in asphalt or concrete.
  • A very small volume of microbes is needed compared to the area being treated.

Ultra-Archaea SDS

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Brand UltraTech
Weight 25 lbs
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90-billion / gram