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High Flow/Low Pressure Turbo Blower, All Star Products – TB-ASP

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High Flow/Low Pressure Turbo Blower, All Star Products – TB-ASP


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Item # TB-ASP Brand: All Star Products
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High flow – Low Pressure

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For Ratings up to 1725 SCFM and 15.6″ H2O, common applications: Woodworking Machinery, Incinerators, Drying Machinery, Burner Air Supply, Hot Air Balloons, Plastic Extruders, Textile Machinery, Printing Machinery, Cooling Machinery.


    • Higher Flow, Lower Noise, High Efficiency due to special impeller design
    • Long Service Life – Aluminum construction for excellent heat dissipation
    • Low Vibration – Computerized balancing of components
    • High Performance – Electric motor designed and manufactured in-house to optimize blower performance.
    • Shaft Seals thoroughly seal the motor from intake air circulation

CNC manufacturing assures high-accuracy tolerances for peak performance

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1/2, 1, 2.5, 3.5, 5

Max Flow SCFM

315, 675, 800, 1400, 1725

Outlet Dia

3", 5", 6", 7"

TB05-3**HP: 1/2Max Flow SCFM: 315Outlet Dia: 3"
TB1-3**HP: 1Max Flow SCFM: 675Outlet Dia: 3"
TB205-3HP: 2.5Max Flow SCFM: 800Outlet Dia: 5"
TB305-3HP: 3.5Max Flow SCFM: 1400Outlet Dia: 6"
TB5-3HP: 5Max Flow SCFM: 1725Outlet Dia: 7"
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