Titan Butterfly Valve BF76-DI

Titan Butterfly Valve BFDI Lug Type

Titan Butterfly Valve BF76-DI


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Item # TBV-BF76-DI Brand: Titan


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The Titan Butterfly Valve BF76-DI is a resilient seated lug style valve that is placed between flanges and installed using a separate set of bolts for each flange, allowing one flow to be disconnected without interfering with the other side.  The cast-in actuator flange is universally designed in accordance with ISO 5211 standard dimensions. The mounting flange can accommodate all types of operators.

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  • Universal Mounting Flange
  • Extended Neck
  • One-Piece Through Stem Design
  • Tapped lugs in accordance with ASME B16.42 Class150
  • Compatible with ANSI 125/150 bolting patterns
  • Bubble-tight seal

Specifications & Operating Parameters

Series  200 PSI Lug Style
Body Material  Ductile Iron
Stem Material  Stainless Steel Type 316 or Type 410
Disc Material  Aluminum Bronze
Seat Material  EPDM
Actuator  Bare Stem, 10 Position Handle, Infinite Handle, Gear Operator, Chain Wheel, or Actuated


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