Model 53

Stainless Steel Model 53 Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainer – Eaton

Stainless Steel Model 53 Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainer – Eaton


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Item # ST0-STAINLESS Brand: Eaton


Operates continuously, eliminating the need to shut down processes for the cleaning of strainers


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Eaton’s model 53BTX duplex basket strainers can operate continuously, eliminating the need to shut down processes for the cleaning of strainers. When the first basket is full, a unique flow diverter cartridge shifts flow to a second basket to permit removal and cleaning of the full or dirty basket with no interruption to operations. The heart of this duplex strainer is the unique flow diverter cartridge that features a highly dynamic sealing system on the diverter balls that ensure an exceptionally long life and positive sealing.

Because the system flow never has to be shut down for basket cleaning, the Model 53BTX duplex strainer is perfect for lines that must run continuously or for batch systems that can’t be stopped. This Duplex Strainer will supply years of trouble-free service, protecting expensive pipeline system components from damage by unwanted particles.


The Model 53 features a design that makes strainer basket servicing a breeze. No more “racing against the clock” during basket servicing to get the job done before the basket chamber overflows with fluid. This gives you time to clean or replace the strainer basket without ever having to worry about leakage and overflow.

  • Dynamic ball sealing system for long life
  • Easy-to-operate lever handled
  • Unique seat and seal design requires no adjustments
  • Reinforced polymer seats for longer service life
  • Foot pads for rock solid installation
  • Double-stem O-rings for positive sealing
  • Both side and bottom drain plugs on each basket well
  • Piston seal strainer basket cover
  • Optional steam jacket construction

Additional information






Stainless Steel

End Connection

Flanged 150#, Threaded



Diverter Balls

Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating

200 psi @ 150°F

ST053007BT22ASize: 3/4"End Connection: Threaded
ST053010BT22ASize: 1"End Connection: Threaded
ST053012BT22ASize: 1-1/4"End Connection: Threaded
ST053015BT22ASize: 1-1/2"End Connection: Threaded
ST053020BT22ASize: 2"End Connection: Threaded
ST053010BR22ASize: 1"End Connection: Flanged 150#
ST053015BR22ASize: 1-1/2"End Connection: Flanged 150#
ST053020BR22ASize: 2"End Connection: Flanged 150#
ST053030BR22ASize: 3"End Connection: Flanged 150#
ST053040BR22ASize: 4"End Connection: Flanged 150#
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