Simco-Ion Ionizing Bars – Aerobar 5285e Local Area Ionizer

Item # Aerobar-5285e Brand: Simco-ion

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Designed to control static charge in small environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations.

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Simco-Ion AeroBar Model 5285e Ionizer and Model 5024 Controller are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations and has a unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow.

Its Pulsed DC technology, combined with optimized emitter point spacing, provides uniform performance over the work area.


  • Bar weight: 6 oz per ft of bar length
  • Sequenced bipolar ionization
  • Unique aerodynamic design
  • Individual positive and negative power controls at each bar
  • Ion current regulation and operational failure alarm
  • 2 year limited warranty

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Brand Simco-ion

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