Oil Free Rocking Piston Compressor/ Vaccuum Pump, RPD-ASP

Rocking Piston Pumps and Compressors

Oil Free Rocking Piston Compressor/ Vaccuum Pump, RPD-ASP


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High Pressure or Vacuum Air Moderate to High flow

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Oil-Free Rocking Piston Compressors and Pumps are a compact and reliable source of high pressure or vacuum air at a moderate to high flow in a range of applications, such as: Printing, Plastics, Business Machines, Vending Machines, Dryers, Water Aspirators, Gas analyzers, Medical – Dental Devices.

Features and Specifications:

  • Flow Range 0.035 to 6.3 CFM
  • Pressure Range 5.6 to 120 psig
  • Vacuum range 7.8 to 29.1 “Hg
  • Dual ratings for vacuum and pressure
  • Voltages include: Direct current 3 to 12vdc, Brushless DC, Single Phase 115 or 230 volts 50 & 60 Hz
  • Standard and Special Designs
  • Product Only Available for OEMs

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