Robovent PRC Commercial Portable Air Cleaner – 800 or 1200 CFM

Item # Robovent-PRC Brand: Robovent


Improve air quality for indoor spaces up to 12,000 cubic feet.

Medical / Pharmaceutical
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The RoboVent PRC large capacity air purifier is recommended for commercial spaces up to 12,000 cubic feet. The simple plug & play configuration and portable feature make it easy to use wherever indoor air quality is critical. The Robovent PRC offers 3 filter options: MERV 15, HEPA E11 (>95% efficiency) and HEPA H13 (>99.95% efficiency).  Choose from two available models: 800 or 1200 CFM.


  • Captures airborne germs: viruses, bacteria & mold spores
  • Filters and circulates air up to 6x/hr for a 12,000 cu ft room
  • Reduces odors (when Carbon After Filter is used)
  • Also removes pet dander, pollen, dust & smoke
  • Simple Plug & Play Unit
  • Fully welded steel construction

Filter Options:

  • Nanofiber, MERV15, 254 sq ft media area.
  • HEPA E11 (>95% efficiency), 170 sq ft media area.
  • HEPA H13 (>99.95% efficiency), 170 sq ft media area.


  • Capacity: 1200 CFM or 800 CFM
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz/1Ph
  • Blower: Reverse inclined high performance blower wheel
  • Sound level: 67 to 71 dBA
  • Silencing: Integral acoustical plenum with low frequency dampening
  • Controls: manual on / off switch, minihelic filter condition gauge
  • Per-filter: 2″ x 20″ x 24″ Merv8


Additional information

Weight 440 lbs



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Item #Description
PRC-800BCFM: 800Rating: MERV 15Color: Blue
PRC-800YCFM: 800Rating: MERV 15Color: Yellow
PRC-800WCFM: 800Rating: MERV 15Color: White
PRC-800B-E11CFM: 800Rating: HEPA E11Color: Blue
PRC-800Y-E11CFM: 800Rating: HEPA E11Color: Yellow
PRC-800W-E11CFM: 800Rating: HEPA E11Color: White
PRC-800B-H13CFM: 800Rating: HEPA H13Color: Blue
PRC-800Y-H13CFM: 800Rating: HEPA H13Color: Yellow
PRC-800W-H13CFM: 800Rating: HEPA H13Color: White
PRC-1200B-E11CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA E11Color: Blue
PRC-1200Y-E11CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA E11Color: Yellow
PRC-1200W-E11CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA E11Color: White
PRC-1200B-H13CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA H13Color: Blue
PRC-1200Y-H13CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA H13Color: Yellow
PRC-1200W-H13CFM: 1200Rating: HEPA H13Color: White
PRC-1200BCFM: 1200Rating: MERV 15Color: Blue
PRC-1200YCFM: 1200Rating: MERV 15Color: Yellow
PRC-1200WCFM: 1200Rating: MERV 15Color: White