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Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm With Dual Strobe

Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm With Dual Strobe


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Item # RAD-0002-PACK Brand: CO2 Meter


Combine items RAD-0002 and CM-1026 for a full monitoring package.

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About The RAD-0002 O2 Depletion Safety Alarm

The RAD-0002 Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored inert gases like Nitrogen, Argon, and others.

  • New faster-responding sensor uses latest oxygen sensing technology
  • More flexible – extend remote up to 300 feet from the main unit
  • Reliable connection with standard Ethernet cable (25 ft. included)
  • Large display clearly indicates current O2 level and temperature
  • 3 relays automatically control fans to ventilate confined spaces
  • 4-20 mA output to allow for remote display of values
  • 88dB audible and visual alarms on both units
  • IP54 Enclosure – prevents water damage during wash-down
  • 100% clean look, all cables can be hidden

About The CM-1026 Dual Strobe

The  CM-1026 Dual strobe is controlled by the relay outputs on the RAD sensor unit. One strobe connects to the sensor display and one to the remote display via an Ethernet cable (6 ft Ethernet cable included). No additional wiring is required. Strobes flash when Alarm 1, 2 or 3 is triggered.

3 Alarms:

  • 5,000 ppm TWA
  • 1.5% CO2
  • 3% CO2
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