ASP Posi-Zorb Oil-Water Separator, Designed To Handle Upset Conditions

Item # POSI-ZORB Brand: ASP


Designed to handle system-upset conditions and a variety of oils. Capable of 24 hour continuous operation. No electricity required.

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The Posi-Zorb is designed specifically to ensure uninterrupted service and to extend the life of the filter module.

The filter module contains proprietary media that selectively removes emulsified oils and may hold up to four times the amount of oil compared to standard activated carbon. The unit continues to function even in the event of upset conditions. The system only operates when the level of condensate rises. The unit also enables easy disposal. Once the filter media is saturated, the modules are simple to replace and there are no messy bags to handle. The modules are entirely self-contained and permit ease of installation and replacement.

Please note: The maximum CFM capacity ratings may be increased by 25% if a refrigerated air dryer is not used. Max CFM indicated is 90F and 90% RH.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Constructed of non-corrosive materials
  • Non-clogging filter design for uninterrupted service
  • Pneumatically operated pump ensures uninterrupted filtration from condensate streams
  • Only 2 moving parts: Dependable service
  • Self-contained filter modules for ease of installation and replacement



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Brand ASP
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Item #Description
PZD-01-15Max CFM Capacity: 250
PZD-01-30Max CFM Capacity: 500
PZD-01-55Max CFM Capacity: 1000