Outdoor Unit for Friedrich C36YJ or D36YJ Ductless System – 36,000 BTU

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Outdoor unit for C36YJ or D36YJ high-efficiency ductless split system, 36,000 BTU.

No ductwork means that ductless system do not experience duct loss, saving energy and money. Additionally, there is no need to clean dirty air ducts that can harbor dust, germs and allergens.

Inverter technology allows each system to adjust capacity output and provide only the amount of cooling needed at a given time, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.

Friedrich soft start technology starts the compressor with significantly reduced amperage at start-up, saving energy versus compressors utilizing locked rotor amperage (LRA).

The indoor unit’s 4-way air swing quickly disperses cool air to provide comfort throughout the room within a few minutes.

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Brand Friedrich
Weight 227 lbs
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