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Outdoor Filter Fan

Outdoor Filtered Fans

Outdoor Filter Fan


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Used in outdoor enclosures where warm air needs to be dissipated

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FF018 | 14 CFM

The outdoor filter fan is used in outdoor enclosures where warm air needs to be dissipated. To clean and exchange the filter mat, simply open the lockable door of the outdoor hood. This simple access for cleaning eliminates the need for allowing interior access to the enclosure. A protection type of IP55 is achieved thanks to the special design of the hood and fine filter mats. The plastic used in the construction of this fan is highly resistant to weather and UV light. Flow rate of 14 cfm.

Download – Outdoor Filter Fan Spec Sheet


  • Quick and easy filter change
  • Lockable outer door
  • Impact resistant
  • Weather and UV resistant


Technical Data

Axial fans, ball bearing Service life min. 50,000 h at 77 °F (25 °C) and 65 %RH aluminum fan body, plastic rotor
Connection 2 wires w/ cage clamps, AWG 14 (2.5 mm²), length 4” (100 mm)
Filter fan and exhaust filter housing Plastic according to UL 94V-0, light grey; weather and UV light resistant according to UL 746C (f1)
Mounting frame With double-sided industrial adhesive for mounting to the outside of enclosure; certain operating circumstances may make the additional use of screws necessary; cut-out template included
Filter media rating F5 acc. to DIN EN 779, filtering degree 98%
Filter material Synthetic fiber with progressive construction, temperature resistant to 212 °F, self-extinguishing class F1; moisture resistant to 100 %RH
Operating / Storage temperature +14 to +158 °F (-10 to +70 °C) / -40 to +158 °F (-40 to +70 °C)
Operating / Storage Humidity Max. 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Protection class / Protection type I (grounded) / IP55
Approvals UL File No. E234324, VDE, GOST TR


Available Models

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Noise Level









01821.0-00 AC 230 V, 50 Hz¹ 12 cfm 100 mA 15 W 40 dB (A) 2.4″ 4.9″ x 4.9″ 2.6 lbs.
01821.0-02 AC 120 V, 60 Hz 14 cfm 180 mA 15 W 40 dB (A) 2.4″ 4.9″ x 4.9″ 2.6 lbs



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