Jumbo Cartridge Housing

Big Bubba Cartridge Filter Housing

Jumbo Cartridge Housing


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Jumbo Cartridge Housing

Big Bubba can serve as a very high flow sediment filter or a high volume whole house filter for residential dechlorination. It can be installed as a single unit, in tandem to provide an exceptionally high-flow system, or in series, to offer varying levels of filtration. It can be an economical commercial or industrial filter, serve as a prefilter for large reverse osmosis units, or be used in seawater applications where a corrosion-proof housing is necessary. There are many industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Body (all wetted surfaces) Glass reinforced PP
Cartridge end caps Glass reinforced PP
Swing Bolts 304 stainless steel
O-rings (cartridges) EPDM (Viton optional)
O-ring (lid) EPDM (Viton optional)
Pipe fittings 2” slip
Overall height 40″
Width (vessel OD) 12″
Max Flow Rate 150 GPM*
Max Temperature 125˚F (52˚C) @ 80 psi
Max working pressure 125 PSI

*Highly dependent on micron rating, solids content and other factors. Please see pressure drop chart.

Big Bubba Housings & Cartridges

The Big Bubba filter housings are made of rugged glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust, or dent. And because all wetted surfaces are non-metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for seawater applications. Big Bubba filters have two outlets on opposite sides to allow more flexibility with piping configurations. Filters may be installed inline or piping may come from the same direction. Coupled with proprietary pleated activated carbon cartridge water is conserved because back washing is not required, making them 100% efficient.

Download – Big Bubba Filter Housing Systems Brochure
Download – Big Bubba Filter Housing Systems Installation Instructions
Download – Big Bubba Filter Housing Systems Drawing


  • Will not dent, rust, chip or corrode.
  • Filters accept single cartridge for convenience.
  • Swing-bolt lid closure is easy, safe & secure.
  • Pressure release for safety.
  • Cartridge “lock” adapter to hold cartridge in place.
  • Double o-rings on cartridges for superior sealing.
  • Two outlets to allow piping from the same direction.


  • Industrial applications for chemical compatibility.
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis.
  • Community water systems for cyst reduction.
  • Sea water filtration (for non-corrosion).
  • Whole house filtration for chlorine, taste, odor and sediment reduction.


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