Everfilt SM-series Carbon Steel Sand Media Filters

Item # Everfilt-SM-Series Brand: Everfilt


Constructed using carbon steel for enhanced durability.

Made in USA
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Everfilt’s SM-Series Multi-Media filters are designed and manufactured in the USA for optimum water filtration quality. The tanks have butt-welded tank jackets and a rounded dome shape, for effective filter operation even at higher operating pressures or differentials. The carbon steel underdrain is hydraulically balanced to ensure efficient collection of filtered water.

Everfilt’s backwash valve body is made of high-strength ductile iron and is coated with industrial grade epoxy for optimal corrosion resistance. All-wetted surfaces are carbon steel or epoxy coated. The hydraulic design prevents valve slamming and eliminates possible damage to the valve and manifolding. Backwash valves can be ordered for manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation.

During backwash, the filter bed is lifted uniformly and fully, thus achieving complete cleaning and regeneration of the media. The high-strength profile wire screen retains medias finer than No. 20 silica sand, thus eliminating the need for filter back-up screens.


  • Stainless Steel Welded Underdrain (no false bottom or PVC)
  • Epoxy Interior Coating for Long Life & Durability
  • VIC Connections / Couplings
  • Multi-Tank Configurations for Specific Flow Rates & Space Requirements

 Available Options:

  • Optional Interior Coatings
  • Optional Exterior Coatings
  • Flanged Connections
  • Backwash Manifold
  • Custom Manifold Sizes
  • ASME Code Available
  • Expansion / Conversion Kits

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