Everfit I-Series Iron & Manganese Removal Media Filters

Item # Everfilt-I-Series Brand: Everfilt


Removes dissolved iron and manganese to almost undetectable levels as low as 0.001 ppm.

Made in USA
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I-Series Iron & Manganese Removal Media Filters

Everfilt’s I-Series Iron & Manganese Removal Media filters are designed for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, aluminum, other heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide. Through he use of DMI-65, the Iron & Manganese Removal Media filter is capable of removing dissolved iron and manganese to almost undetectable levels as low as 0.001 ppm.

I-series Filters can be used as a stand-alone solutions, in conjunction with other systems, or as pre-treatment for various filtration applications. These I-Series systems have a side shell height of 24” to 72″ . They use reverse stacked media for progressive filtration. All Everfilt Industrial Media Filters utilize an automatic backwash system for easy, user-friendly operation and consistent water quality.

The I-Series Iron & Manganese Removal Media Filters are shipped as a complete and assembled unit. They are skid-mounted for maneuverability and ease of installation. The units are completely assembled and tested in house. They only need an incoming water source and 120V power supply to be ready for operation.


  • High filtration performance without need for additional filtration equipment.
  • Self-cleaning backwash feature uses water internal to the system. (Separate backwash source available upon request)
  • Stainless steel under drain assembly instead of traditional plastic and false bottom designs.
  • Stainless steel solenoids instead of industry standard plastic options.
  • Fabricated backwash manifold.
  • Standard 80psi max operating capabilities.
  • SS304 backwash control enclosure over industry standard carbon steel or plastic.

Standard Features:

  • Completely assembled and tested for easy installation.
  • Skid-Mounted for easy installation and leveling.
  • Ductile Iron Automatic Backwash Valves with SS304 internals.
  • Inlet, Outlet and Backwash Manifolds
  • Stainless Steel Removable under drain.
  • 3M-134 fusion bonded interior surfaces (NSF-61 Compliant).
  • Stainless Steel Solenoids
  • Electrical Wiring, Stainless Steel control enclosure, necessary tubing.
  • UV-Resistant Fuze Coated Exterior.
  • Side access manway.
  • Gate valves
  • Hydraulic pick up and connections.
  • Air/VAC valve
  • 304SS Sight glass
  • Backwash control panel with LCD Display and PD Switch.
  • Backwash valves / Pneumatic or hydraulic operation.
  • Necessary Victaulic couplings.

Available Options:

  • ASME Code.
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316.
  • High pressure 90+ psi.
  • Custom Piping Design.
  • Pressure Sustaining Valves.
  • PLC Integration.
  • Electric Valve Operation.
  • Custom exterior finishes and coatings.
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure.
  • Solar Power Kit.
  • Flow meters.
  • Customs sizes and configurations.


  • Pre-filtration for RO (reverse osmosis) systems.
  • Construction remediation.
  • Storm water remediation.
  • Industrial process water.
  • Mining industry.
  • Oil and Frack.
  • Municipal process water.
  • Water features. (ponds, fountains, and parks)
  • Nurseries and green houses. 


Additional information

Brand Everfilt


1 to 6

Side Shell

24" to 72"


Up to 0.001 ppm

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