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3 x 5ft Dewatering Bag, Reusable: Replacement Bag, UltraTech 9736

3 x 5ft Dewatering Bag, Reusable: Replacement Bag, UltraTech 9736

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Item # 9736 Brand: UltraTech

$184.00 $178.48

Reusable Dewatering Bag For Large Jobs And Big Savings

Made in USA Water Management
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Contain Sediment And Oil Pumped Out During Dewatering Operations

  • Retains both oil and sediment, offering a combination of benefits not available in alternative dewatering bags.

The Ultra-Dewatering Bag is full when it no longer can efficiently filter sediment or pass water at a reasonable rate. Flow rates will vary depending on the size of the Ultra-Dewatering Bag, the type and amount of sediment discharged into the Ultra-Dewatering Bag, the type of ground, rock or other substance under the bag and the degree of the slope on which the bag lies. Under most circumstances Ultra-Dewatering Bag will accommodate flow rates of 1500 gallons per minute. Use of excessive flow rates or overfilling Ultra-Dewatering Bag with sediment will cause ruptures of the bags or failure of the hose att chment straps.

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