CRP Micro Series Oil / Water Separators – For Systems Up To 100 CFM

Item # Micro-Series Brand: Clean Resources (CRP)


Micro 50 CFM or Micro 100 CFM

EPA Compliance
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This system was designed as an economical solution for small compressed air systems.

The Micro separator system includes an external decompression chamber allowing systems up to 175 psi. The product also comes with a factory installed and plumbed wall bracket, reducing installation time.

Replacement cartridges provide easy, no mess maintenance and offer a low life cycle cost.


  • Reduces the contaminants in your compressor condensate to < 10 ppm.
  • Handles all compressor lubricants
  • Threaded spin-on cartridges for easy and mess-free maintenance
  • No priming required

Additional information

Brand Clean Resources (CRP)


Item #Description
F10104CFM: 50
F10105CFM: 100