CompactSchwank P40-R U-Tube Garage Heater – Gas-Fired, Vented, 12KW

Item # PU-R040-BN Brand: Schwank


Includes 24V Thermostat, Hanging Chain, Suspension Hooks

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The P40-R compactSchwank radiant tube heater is designed to heat residential garages and small workshops. It is ideally suited to a wide range of light commercial applications such as warehouses, greenhouses, small hangars and parking structures. CompactSchwank can be angled 30 degree to fit any garage.

This gas-fired heater runs on natural gas and has a 12KW (40000 BTUH) capacity. The compactSchwank ships with a 24V thermostat, the hanging chain and suspension hooks.

This attractive grey/stainless-steel finish allows the heater to blend into your residential garage or workshop setting.

Experience the Schwank whisper-quiet technology for silent operation.

NOTE: do not install inside of a residence, basement, mobile home, or recreational vehicle.


  • Pre-assembled for an easy installation right out of the box
  • Overhead mounting leaves more space in the garage and workshop
  • Quiet operation
  • Low clearances and hanging heights to easily mount in any garage or workshop
  • Can be angled 30 degrees to fit any garage application


  • Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz, 145 VA, 4 ft. cord and plug
  • Fuel: Natural gas
  • Capacity: 40,000 Btuh (12kW) 0 to 4,500 ft. (1,370 m) ABOVE SEA LEVEL
  • Net weight: 96 lb
  • shipping weight: 105 lb
  • BURNER: 40,000 Btuh Natural Gas, 120V 3-Pronged Plug, 24V Thermostat with 20 ft of 18/2 wire.
  • TUBE / REFLECTOR SYSTEM: Corrosion resistant aluminized steel construction, 4 inch diameter U-tube provides 17 ft of heat exchange tube in compact 10 ft length.
  • Turbulator: 36″ (914 mm) Burner side tube; 90″ (2286 mm) Vent side tube
  • Flue & Air Vent: 4″
  • Gas inlet: 1/2″ NPT
  • Manifold Pressure: 3.5″ w.c. NG (0.87 kPa); 10″ w.c. LPG (2.49 kPa)
  • Line Minimum: 5? w.c. NG (1.25 kPa); 11? w.c. LPG (2.74 kPa)
  • Line Maximum: 14? w.c. NG or LPG (3.49 kPa)
  • Thermostat: Factory ready for 24VAC or 120VAC thermostat
  • Certified to ANSI Z21.86 / CSA 2.32 Vented Gas-Fired Space Heating Appliances (Vented Overhead Heater).

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Weight 105 lbs
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