Clean Resources (CRP) Decompression Chamber

Clean Resources (CRP) Decompression Chamber

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Item # DC-207A Brand: Clean Resources (CRP)

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The DC-202 decompression chamber was developed by CRP to operate with all types of drains, including float, electric, pneumatic and zero-loss styles. This design permits the separation system to properly function even in the event of a drain failure.

The DC-202 decompression chamber allows for massive amounts of compressed air to be vented in the case of drain failure. The six-inch diameter port is preceded by a demister pad, thus allowing the air to vent while blocking the water and oil.

Designed for easy installation, the DC-202 uses a cam lock system to quickly attach to the CRP Pak. The DC-202 has six 1/4″ inlets to allow multiple drain hook ups.

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