CEJN Series 208 Non-removable Blowgun Bypass Nozzle (10 pcs)

Item # 11-208-9951 Brand: CEJN

$74.20 per 10 pcs ($7.42 each)


The CEJN Series 208 blowgun has a valve package that enables it to handle both air as well as non-explosive fluids. The series is offered in several styles, including standard full-flow, noise-reducing Star-Tip, and a pressure-regulated safety version. Various tubes and tips are available to meet specific application requirements.

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Fits directly onto the tube. When dead-ended, pressure is released (or diverted) through the side outlets, reducing the maximum outlet pressure to less than 29 PSI (2 bar). A retention ring snaps into place making the Nozzle non-removable.

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Brand CEJN
Weight 0.01 lbs