Gore locked Elbow

60 Degree RES-USDuct, SST-USDuct, RP-USDuct,RET-USDuct

60 Degree RES-USDuct, SST-USDuct, RP-USDuct,RET-USDuct


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Item # REG-USDUCT-60 Brand: US Duct


Rolled-lip, gore-locked elbows, galvanized steel, 7″ to 24″ diameter.


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US Duct’s Rolled Lip Clamp Together System utilizes a rolled lip that is formed on the end of all parts. The lips of the mating parts are joined together with a gasketed, over-center clamp. The clamp pulls the ends together and envelopes them inside the sealing gasket. The duct is available in galvanized or SS and in most gauges (depending upon diameter). Using the combination of a separate 11″ long adjustable sleeve and/or the integral adjustable collar on each fitting, the US Duct Clamp Together system is infinitely adjustable. This feature along with the clamp enables the novice or the professional to significantly reduce installation time.

Available System Components:

  • Rolled lip pipes.
  • Clamps and O-Rings.
  • Adjustable sleeves.
  • Stich welded elbow: galvanized metal elbows that are stamped out using mechanical presses and forming dies.
  • Tubed elbow: mechanically bent, resulting in a non-seamed tubing.
  • Gore locked elbow: made of segments joined together either mechanically or by welding.
  • Please inquire about: Single, double and Y Branches, In-Cuts and Reducers.

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Weight N/A

US Duct


Galvanized or stainless steel


7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 22", 24"

Item Type

60 deg

REGS0760.GDiameter: 7"
REGS0860.GDiameter: 8"
REGS0960.GDiameter: 9"
REGS1060.GDiameter: 10"
REGS1160.GDiameter: 11"
REGS1260.GDiameter: 12"
REGS1360.GDiameter: 13"
REGS1460.GDiameter: 14"
REGS1560.GDiameter: 15"
REGS1660.GDiameter: 16"
REGS1760.GDiameter: 17"
REGS1860.GDiameter: 18"
REGS1960.GDiameter: 19"
REGS2060.GDiameter: 20"
REGS2260.GDiameter: 22"
REGS2460.GDiameter: 24"
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