3M Blue 3’x50′ Runner (No Hardware)

3M Blue 3’x50′ Runner (No Hardware)


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Limited Quantities – 3M Dissipative Vinyl Three-Layer Blue 3 x 50 Foot Runners are soft table and floor mats with a three-layer construction.

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Product Information

3M 8274 Dissipative Vinyl Three-Layer Mats and Rolls 8200 Series are soft table and floor mats with a three-layer construction. These mats do not come with additional hardware.

The top layer is durable static dissipative vinyl, which has sufficiently low resistance to discharge static-laden conductors, yet will help prevent the shorting of pins on the backs of printed circuit boards laid on the mat. The middle layer is a highly-conductive scrim that provides the main discharge path to ground, and the bottom layer is static-dissipative foam, providing a durable nonskid cushion. Compatible with 3M constant monitors.

Specs Applications

Top layer – Static Dissipative Vinyl
Middle layer – Highly-conductive Scrim
Bottom layer – Static Dissipative Foam
Thickness 0.140 in (3.5 mm)
Hardness (top) 75 Shore A
  Surface to Ground (RTG)
  Surface to Surface
2 x 108 ohms
3 x 108 ohms
Width /- .250"
Length /- .250"







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