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Magna-HT Final

20x16x12 High-Temperature Air Filter – MERV 13, Glasfloss MAGAH2016B2H35

20x16x12 High-Temperature Air Filter – MERV 13, Glasfloss MAGAH2016B2H35

$177.08 $169.10

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Item # MAGAH2016B2H35 Brand: Glasfloss

$177.08 $169.10

Glasfloss MAGNA High Temp, Single header, 20 x 16 x 12, Gasket on air exit side, Face Guards on Both sides, 500 Series

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The GlasFloss Magna series High Temperature grade air filters are designed for high efficiency commercial and industrial applications.

The Glasfloss Magna HT frame is made of heavy-duty aluminized steel. The filter media is water resistant, inorganic glass microfiber. The pleated media is separated with multiple rolled-edge corrugated aluminum separators. Aluminized faceguards and support struts are installed on the air entry and air exit sides of the frame to ensure filter integrity and enhanced rigidity.

A 1/8" thick high temperature rope gasket is applied to the filter.


  • High Efficiency Glass Microfiber Media
  • Rolled Edge Aluminum Separators
  • Aluminized Metal Frame
  • High Temperature Rope Gasket
  • Aluminized Face Guard On Both Sides
  • Support Straps Upstream And Downstream

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

20 x 16 x 12 in


500 Series



Operating Temperature


Item Type

Magna High Temperature


Glass Microfiber



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