106 / 206-EF-8837BX Excess Flow (Burst Control) Valve

Excess Flow (Burst Control) Valve

106 / 206-EF-8837BX Excess Flow (Burst Control) Valve


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Designed to shut-off tightly when flow exceeds a predetermined amount

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The 106-EF-8837BX and 206-EF-8837BX excess flow valves are based on the 106-PT and 206-PT Double Chamber main valves. The valve is designed to shut-off tightly when flow exceeds a predetermined amount.

The 625-RPD pilot senses the pressure drop of the valve and closes the valve when the tripping flow is reached. Typical pressure drop at tripping is 5 psi / 0.35 bar.

Tripping flow is adjusted by limiting the valve opening with the X102 Stroke Limiter. 10 psi / 0.7 bar inlet pressure must be maintained at the valve inlet when the valve has tripped to prevent self re-setting. This valve closes fast and from a significant velocity. If the upstream pipe is longer than 2,000 ft /600 m, closing speed control should be included. When tripped (closed), this valve has a continuous exhaust of about 1 GPM / 0.063 L/sec to drain.

  • Tight shut-off when flow exceeds a pre-determined amount
  • Manual re-activation required after failure
  • “Failure Signal” options available

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Size and Flow:

  • Size: 106-EF 3″ to 10″. 206-EF 3″ to 12″.
  • Continuous Flow Rate: 106-EF 250 to 2,700 GPM. 206-EF 135 to 3,400 GPM.

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