1″ to 8″ Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Basket Strainer – Eaton Model 72

Item # E72JSS-F1-V Brand: Eaton

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Made for applications where materials must be kept at specific temperatures in order to remain in a fluid

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The Eaton Model 72 Steam Jacketed Basket Strainer is for applications where materials must be kept at specific temperatures in order to remain in a fluid. Examples are chocolate, asphalt, resins and polymers. The strainer body temperature is maintained by circulating steam or a heat transfer fluid through the strainer jacket.

The basic strainer used in the Model 72SJ is our popular Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainer which has, over the years, proven itself an industry standard. All of the features of the Model 72 have been retained, including large basket capacity with an open area that is at least six times the pipe cross-sectional area.

No tools are required to open the cover for basket cleaning or change out – an operation that is accomplished in a matter of seconds thanks to the yoke type cover. The standard cover seal is Viton and can be used in most applications up to a temperature of 400°F.  For higher temperature applications, non-asbestos seals are available. The strainer body is provided with either a carbon steel or stainless steel jacket welded to the cast body. The steam jacket will handle steam pressures up to 100 psi.


  • NPT steam connections
  • Up to 100 psi steam pressure
  • Quick open cover – no tools required
  • Large capacity basket
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Machined basket seat
  • Viton Seals
  • Standard perforated stainless steel basket


  • Basket perforations from 1/32″ to 1/2″
  • Basket mesh from 20 to 400
  • Monel baskets
  • Vent valves
  • Drain valves
  • 1/4″ NPT taps
  • Pressure differential gauge and switches

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