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.1 Micron MAN Membrane Filter Cartridge – Nylon 66 Membrane, MAN0.1 (12 pcs)

.1 Micron MAN Membrane Filter Cartridge – Nylon 66 Membrane, MAN0.1


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Item # MAN0.1 Brand: Shelco


Nylon 66 membranes provide electropositive charge to enhance particle removal through electrokinetic adsorption

Food / Beverage Water Management
SKU: MAN0.1 Brand:

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  • Absolute retention ratings from 0.1 to 0.65 microns
  • 7.2 square feet (0.67 m2) of media surface area per ten inch length for optimal performance
  • MAN grade cartridges are flushed and dried to ensure
    reliable performance in critical applications
  • Rigid, molded polypropylene cage protects pleated media and strengthens structural stability
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art white room and Class 10,000 clean room for high purity
  • Complies with Food & Drug Administration’s CFR criteria for food & beverage contact
  • Meets USP Class VI Biological Test for plastics.
  • Available in standard lengths and end cap configurations to fit most filter housings
  • Produced up to 40 inches in length (10 inch modules)

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End Cap Configuration

  • S1 = DOE (Standard)
  • S3 = 222 w/ Fin End (Standard)
  • S4 = 222 w/ Flat End
  • S5 = 226 w/ Fin End
  • S6 = 226 w/ Flat End
  • S7 = Internal O-ring with Recessed Plug
  • S9 = Internal O-ring on both ends

  • B = Buna (Standard)
  • E = EPDM
  • V = Viton
  • S = Silicone
  • T/V= Teflon encapsulated Viton (O-ring Only)

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10", 20", 30", 40"

End Cap Configuration



Buna N


Electronic, Food and Beverage, General

MAN0.1-10-GLength: 10"Grade : General
MAN0.1-20-GLength: 20"Grade : General
MAN0.1-30-GLength: 30"Grade : General
MAN0.1-40-GLength: 40"Grade : General
MAN0.1-10-BLength: 10"Grade : Food and Beverage
MAN0.1-20-BLength: 20"Grade : Food and Beverage
MAN0.1-30-BLength: 30"Grade : Food and Beverage
MAN0.1-40-BLength: 40"Grade : Food and Beverage
MAN0.1-10-ELength: 10"Grade : Electronic
MAN0.1-20-ELength: 20"Grade : Electronic
MAN0.1-30-ELength: 30"Grade : Electronic
MAN0.1-40-ELength: 40"Grade : Electronic
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