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WFHE Portable Electric HeaterWFHE Portable Electric Heater

Ultimate Portability and Simplicity. Portable electric heaters are made for a multitude of different situations including emergency short-term heating needs. These versatile portable heating systems are ideal for a host of applications such as office, school, hotel, bank, restaurant, hospital, and church heating. They have an improved heating efficiency that saves customers on electricity costs by reducing the time it takes to reach the set temperature.


  • Convenient to carry through four castors and two attached metal handles.
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Temperature and safety systems to prevent overheating.
  • High-performance fan maximizes its heating efficiency.
  • User-friendly LED display with intuitive buttons.


ModelNominal Size RatingRequirementsCurrent ConsumptionPower ConsumptionHeating AreaDimensionsWeight (lbs)
WFHE-1033,700 BTU240V | 1Phase | 60Hz41.6 Amps9.985 W/Hr226 Sq. Ft.15.5x22.42.x22.2 in.59.3 lbs.
WFHE-2067,500 BTU480V | 3Phase | 60Hz23.97 Amps19,930 W/Hr552 Sq. Ft.16.6 x 24.4 x 23 in86.2 lbs
WFHE-30101,350 BTU480V | 3Phase | 60Hz35.92 Amps29,865 W/Hr685 Sq. Ft.18.6 x 24.4 x 24.5 in113.1 lbs

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