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Spraystop Neshap 2 Stage System

Spraystop Neshap 2 Stage System

Method 319 Paint Booth Exhaust System

Designed for applications where the removal of overspray particulate, especially chromates, must adhere to the NESHAP* Test Method 319 for Aerospace painting and de-painting operations.


  • Exceeds the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations,
    40 CFR 63
  • Engineered to provide maximum service life and efficiency for
    all types of coating materials
  • Complies with all NESHAP* and MACT** standards


  • Aerospace
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Appliance Manufacturing
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Contract Coaters
Liquid PhaseSolid Phase
83.4% @ 2.2 Microns84.6% @2.6 Microns
96.3% @ 4.1 Microns94.0% @ 5.0 Microns
97.0% @ 5.7 Microns95.5% @ 8.1 Microns
Initial Resistance0.11" w.g. @ 120 fpm
Paint Holding Capacity3,511 grams
Rated Removal Efficiency100%
Final Recommended Pressure Drop1.50" to 2.50" w.g

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