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Spray Clean Duo-Pak

High Efficiency Multi-Pocket Filters

Spray Clean Duo-Pak
SprayClean Duo-Pak MERV 8 Pocket Filters, the 3-ply construction, is designed for extended filter life to reduce change frequency, and superior efficiency for improved process control.

Sprayclean Duo-Pak MERV 8 Procket Filters utilize a new multi-denier media, and are available in one, two and three pocket configurations to provide optimum life in the most rugged conditions. This progressive density media is enhanced with an adhesive coating, specially formulated to provide exceptional holding capacity and prevent unloading.

Test Airflow2000 cfm
Initial Pressure Drop0.18" wg
Dust Holding Capacity198 grams per sq. ft. of media area
Recommended Final Resistance1.00" wg
Fractional Efficiency @ 3 Microns99.5% Average
Fractional Efficiency @ 5 Microns100% Average
Filter Construction100% bonded synthetic media with tackifier, and self-seal, internal header.


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