FSS Series

The FSS Series are Heavy Duty Overhead Infrared Heaters for Indoor Spot Heating, Zone, or Total Area Heating Applications.


FSS-14 Ceiling Radiant Infrared Heater

ModelWattsVoltsBTUH / hrAmpsLbsDepth (in)Width (in)Length (in)
FSS-1412-11450120494712.178 1/2926
FSS-1420-1145020849476.9778 1/2926
FSS-1424-1145024049476.0478 1/2926
FSS-1427-1145027749475.2378 1/2926
FSS-1448-1145048049473.0278 1/2926
FSS-1457-1145060049472.5278 1/2926

FSS-31FSS-31 Ceiling Radiant Heater

ModelWattsVoltsBTUH / hrAmpsLbsDepth (in)Width (in)Length (in)
FSS-3120-1315020810,74815.14138 1/2946
FSS-3124-1315024010,74813.13138 1/2946
FSS-3127-1315027710,74811.37138 1/2946
FSS-3148-1315048010,7486.56138 1/2946
FSS-3157-1315060010,7485.48138 1/2946


FSS-43 Ceiling Radiant Heater

ModelWattsVoltsBTUH / hrAmpsLbsDepth (in)Width (in)Length (in)
FSS-4320-3430020814,67220.67189 3/42029
FSS-4324-3430024014,67217.91189 3/42029
FSS-4327-3430027714,67215.52189 3/42029
FSS-4348-3430048014,6728.96189 3/42029
FSS-4357-3430060014,6727.48189 3/42029


FSS-95 Ceiling Radiant Heater

ModelWattsVoltsBTUH / hrAmpsLbsDepth (in)Width (in)Length (in)
FSS-9520-3950020832,41445.67317 3/42049
FSS-9524-3950024032,41439.6317 3/42049
FSS-9527-1950027732,41434.3317 3/42049
FSS-9548-3950048032,41419.8317 3/42049
FSS-9557-3950060032,41416.5317 3/42049

*Also Available in Tandem Assembly, model: FSS95TMK


  • Directional heating systems for where and when you need it.
  • No element glare.
  • No glass materials.
  • Rigid housing & element structure.
  • Designed for rugged & dirty environments.
  • Delivers higher and more uniform heat output with less energy consumption.
  • Ideal spot heating system for high-bay buildings up to 24’.


  • .040 Gold anodized Aluminum housing for efficient, long-term
    reflectivity and corrosion resistance.
  • High-density radiant heat.
  • Housing is ETL Listed for indoor, dry environment applications only.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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