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Capacitors come in all shape and sizes but have the same function. A failing capacitor can cause motors and compressors to stop running or they can attempt to start and begin to make a humming sound repeatedly. To ensure proper operation and to prevent damage to the unit, it is essential that the capacitor is sized correctly to match the nominal rating of capacitance specified on the nameplate. ISC is proud to offer a wide variety of capacitors manufactured by Packard, Titan Flex, Titan HD, Titan Pro, and TorqStart in order to meet your application's needs.Capacitors

There are two different types of capacitors which are used in HVAC units. The first is called a run capacitor, which is used to maintain a relatively constant voltage supply. The second type is called a start capacitor, designed to provide extra torque at startup. 

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  • Titan Max contactors are designed specifically as a drop-in replacement for the Furnas DP contactor and many others.
  • Titan Flex multi-rated capacitors feature a range of the most popular industry ratings, in a lightweight, easy to install capacitor.
  • Titan HD and Titan Pro are dependable run capacitor rated for 60,000 hours of life.
  • All units are UL, CUL, CSA and VDE certified.
PRCD405A40+5370 Volt Dual Section
PRCD455A45+5370 Volt Dual Section
POCD355A35+5370 Volt Dual Section
PRCD355A35+5370 Volt Dual Section
PRCD305A30+5370 Volt Dual Section
POC35A35370 Volt Single Section
POC25A25370 Volt Single Section
POC15A15370 Volt Single Section
POC20A20370 Volt Single Section
POC12.5A12.5370 Volt Single Section
POC10A10370 Volt Single Section
POC3A3370 Volt Single Section
POC7.5A7.5370 Volt Single Section
POC5A5370 Volt Single Section
POCFD405A40+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
POCFD355A35+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
PRCFD455A45+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
PRCFD405A40+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
PRCFD355A35+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
PRCFD305A30+5440/370 Volt Dual Section
POCF50A50440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF45A45440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF40A40440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF35A35440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF30A30440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF15A15440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF10A10440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF7.5A7.5440/370 Volt Single Section
POCF5A5440/370 Volt Single Section

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