Get 50% Longer Life for Your Industrial Equipment Using Spot Cooling

Post Date: August 23, 2018 Posted by: Eleanor Sadler
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Spot coolers are a helpful addition to any production process. They increase tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. They increase productivity by reducing high heat loads which can have negative effects on product quality and cycle times can also suffer, resulting in lower outputs. Spot cooling is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to both fans and evaporative coolers.

When It Pays to Use Spot Cooling

Spot cooling is commonly used for controlling heat loads in electronic controls, machining operations and can assist in repairing metals, plastic, wood and ceramics. Cooling system guns and pistols are an economical addition to production processes to improve the following:

Production and Assembly Lines, Warehouses, Foundries, etc.

Refrigerated air directly goes to hot spots and cools employees, making them comfortable and reduces the risk of heat exhaustion. When your employees are comfortable working they will work harder and if they do not get fatigued the need for shift workers decreases which in turn will increase profits.

Manufacturing Processes

Food and plastics can be cooled down faster after they leave a heat-related process, reducing cycle times. It removes unwanted moisture from the air, preventing defects caused by warping and condensation because of excess heat and humidity.

Heat Sensitive Equipment

Computers or PLCs, control panels used with CNC machines can be kept from overheating, preventing hardware slowdowns or failures and ensures long-term reliability.

How Spot Cooling Improves Production Processes and Increase Profits

The line of spot coolers offered by ISC Sales all utilizes state-of-the-art vortex technology. A cylindrical generator uses compressed air to make a spinning effect, also known as a vortex, which separates air into hot and cold air. Using only compressed air, this process is an excellent way to chill air without using refrigerants and some options do not require the use of any electricity.

Available Options

ISC Sales offers three superior options for spot cooling that can be an excellent addition to any facility to improve your production processes.

Cold Air Pistols

  • The most mobile of the options offered it can be moved easily when the process calls for it weighs less than one pound and is only 11 13/16” long.
  • Includes an integral trigger mechanism for an on/off squeeze action with an ergonomic design.
  • Quiet operation, noise level at three feet is 78 decibels.
  • Highly reliable 10-year warranty.

Cold Air Guns

  • They are a more stationary option than the cold air pistols but can still be moved easier than other cooling equipment.
  • Adjustable temperature and flow rate.
  • Frost-free nozzle eliminates mess from frost and condensation.
  • Magnetic base allows for easy, close in positioning and portability.
  • Increases dry machining speeds up to 36%, extends tool life by 50%.

Vortex Tube

  • Lowest cost per unit of refrigeration.
  • Fully adjustable, can easily be moved.
  • Easily fits in many small areas to provide cooling in confined areas.
  • Lowest maintenance, easy to install.

Still unsure of what spot cooler will fit your needs?

Needs vary so much from application to application it is hard to determine what will work best.

But you’re in luck! The staff at ISC Sales is very knowledgeable, able to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you get the most efficient product for your business. Contact us today and have the spot cooling equipment that’s perfect for you tomorrow.

Get 50% Longer Life for Your Industrial Equipment Using Spot Cooling
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Get 50% Longer Life for Your Industrial Equipment Using Spot Cooling
Spot Cooling increases productivity by reducing high heat loads that have negative effects on product quality. Find out all the benefits of spot coolers and which one is best suited for your business!
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