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Enclosure Cooling BTUH Calculator

Selecting the right enclosure cooling solution can be a complicated process but we are here to help. Calculating BTUH requirements is easy with our BTUH calculator. Simply plug in the qualifying information and let the calculator do the work for you.

Many users only take into account ambient temperature, but there are many other factors that can contribute to heat load such as paint color and enclosure size. Our calculator takes them all into account to ensure that you get the correct cooling system for your enclosure and application.

For more information on how to find heat load, ambient temperatures and other variables needed to calculate BTUH please visit our blog, "What is Enclosure Cooling? (A Colossal Guide to Becoming an Expert)." You will also find information on how different enclosure cooling systems work and about NEMA enclosures.

Needs can vary so much from application to application it is hard to determine what enclosure cooling system will work best for you and your application. If you'd like some questions answered or need a quote, please contact us at 877.602.0010 to speak directly with the knowledgeable staff at ISC Sales.


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