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Control Transformers

Control Transformers are designed to accommodate a wide range of input and output voltage combinations, they can also compensate for various high line or low line applications.  These transformers are constructed with extra insulation that is superior to other control transformers and are designed to handle the toughest applications. They are perfect for NEMA enclosures that include equipment that require a change in voltage.

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Download - Control Transformers BrochureControl Transformer


  • Other voltages can be accommodated. For details please see PDF file below.
  • Fuse block adapter comes standard on all units with two 6-32 size pre-drilled holes.
  • 3000VA & 5000VA UL approval pending.
  • 50/60 Hertz

Primary: 208V, 220V, 240V, 416V, 440V, 480V
Secondary: 80V, 110V, 120V, 160V, 220V, 240V

Available Models

ModelPowerLength(in.)Width(in.)Height(in.)Mounting Length(in.)Mounting Width(in.)Mounting Hole(in.)Weight
ISCT0200250VA3.753.703.653.1253.350.3 x 0.5759.50 lbs
ISCT0500500VA5.254.845.884.003.380.3 x 0.57515.04 lbs
ISCT0700700VA5.255.405. x 0.57519.58 lbs
ISCT10001000VA6.755.005.875.503.380.3 x 0.57524.12 lbs
ISCT15001500VA6.755.755.875.504.120.3 x 0.57531.44 lbs
ISCT20002000VA6.757.906.055.505.870.315 x 0.551.65 lbs
ISCT30003000VA9.0010.157.957.6256.120.315 x 0.591.62 lbs
ISCT50005000vA9.0011.157.957.6257.120.315 x 0.5106.45 lbs

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